The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is a National Centre of the Government of India, under the umbrella of the Department of Atomic Energy, as well as a deemed University awarding degrees for master's and doctoral programs. At TIFR, we carry out basic research in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science and science education. Our main campus is located in Mumbai, but we have additional campuses in Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad.


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Nov 03, 2014

  • Prof. Chandrashekhar Khare (University of California Los Angeles), "Automorphic forms and Galois representations (1/3)" in AG-66 starts at 1130
  • Prof. Amnon Horovitz (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel), "Allostery in Chaperonins : Mechanism and Function" in NMR Conference Room starts at 1430
  • Profs. Vidita Vaidya (DBS), Sudipta Maiti (DCS), Arnab Bhattacharya (DCMP) ., "NOBEL PRIZE-2014" in  starts at 1530
  • Prof. Jose Burgos I Gil (ICMAT-CSIC, Spain), "Motivic multiple zeta values" in AG-77 starts at 1600
  • Dr. Somyadip Thakur (TIFR), "Logarithmic Corrections to Twisted Indices from the Quantum Entropy Function" in A304 starts at 1600